Primary Chalkboard: Place Value Snowman Freebie

Place Value Snowman Freebie

Hi there friends. I have a little freebie for you this week! We have been working on place value and of course it's the middle of winter so were enjoying snowmen as well !
Place Value is fun to think about with this  Snowman Smart Art Freebie (4)

I wrote out my 3 day math lesson plans on my blog so head on over there to read all about it and grab your freebie.  This activity incorporates the learning strategies of personal response, sense of audience, 100% group work participation, engaging in place value in a meaningful way, and the sentence frame supports writing in math and scaffolds your English language learners.  What more could anyone want? Oh a cute classroom! This helps with that too! Click my button to head over my blog.


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    Katie, I loved this idea so much I emailed your blog post to my team! We are all excited to do it! Thanks again!