Primary Chalkboard: 100th Day is Here (Or Almost Here)!

100th Day is Here (Or Almost Here)!

The 100th Day of School is one of my favorites! 
It's very momentous for those little ones. 

Here are a few ideas for you guys to think about! 

First, you should try a family project.
Ask them to make some sort of project together using 100 items. 
I got a variety of collections, art work, and very unique posters! 

Another fun activity is to use this freebie exercises page...
This freebie sheet is free on Google Docs, but it is part of my 100th Day pack

Here are some of my kiddos last year working out! 

Check out this freebie from Anna! 
Use Scholastic Book Orders to use 100th Day math! 

Making Words with One Hundred Days
This is part of my 100th Day pack as well. :-) 

Make a school train
Each classroom gets 4 trains (or 1 if you want a small train). Classrooms must decorate with 100 items. We did this at my old school and it turned out really cute! 

Thanks guys for reading! 
-Jessica from Second Grade Nest-

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