Primary Chalkboard: Back to School IPAD Apps

Back to School IPAD Apps

Hi everyone!
Its Latoya over at Flying into First Grade !!!
I am here to share with you some apps that could be useful for the beginning of the year but also throughout the year.
I had the honor of attending a SEE math conference for 2 weeks this summer.  They gave us so many resources and manipulatives.  The best gift was the free IPAD I received during the training.  We learned aboiut many apps that can be used in the classroom.  You will find my favorite 4 apps that I learned below!!!

Here is a quick example I found on youtube!


Here is a quick example I made!!!

Here is an example that I created in the training.

Here is just a quick example I did last night.
Now Im off to go pack up my classroom so I can move!!!!


  1. Love the app suggestions! Do you have a post with more info on the math conference? Sounds like something I need to go to next summer! :)

    - Katy

  2. Can Chatterpix be used in Google Classroom?