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Classroom Decor and Themes

Aloha friends! Corinna here from Surfin' Through Second.  I know it's only July, but the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching for many of us who start back at the end of this month!

Each year we all think of how our classrooms will be set up and where everything will go to make things run smoothly.  Some of us take it a bit further and decorate our classroom either using a theme or a certain color scheme.  

One of the most popular posts on my blog is all about Classroom Themes.

For the past three years I have kept with a Tropical/Surf theme in my classroom.

It's fun to find or create items that will enhance your classroom theme or color scheme.

Some of the most popular classroom themes are:

Super Heroes
Outer Space
Rock Star
Dr. Seuss
Polka Dots
The list goes on and on.

There's so much out there and the creativity can go a long way!! Check out some of these cute ideas:

Leopard print can be lots of fun!
I am inspired by this superhero theme!

What about rainbows and mustaches!

How cute are those birthday bags?!!

I have created a Pinterest board that has lots of fun pictures for inspiration.  Just click the picture below to check it out.

Do you have a classroom theme or color scheme ready for this year!  We'd love to hear all about it. Just link up below or leave a comment telling us about your plans for the new year.  You just might give someone new inspiration!

Don't forget we have lots of great topics that we are covering this month.  Make sure to head HERE to check them all out!


  1. After 5 years, I am changing my theme this year to dogs. There isn't as much out there it seems so have started to create some things for myself. If anyone has any cute ideas I would love to see!

  2. So fun! I love classroom themes! I'm switching from an owl theme to a pirate theme this year. My owl theme was fun but bright ( girly ) colors. I thought now that I'm in third it would be fun to do a more boyish theme.

  3. Mine is going to be super odd this year. I usually do a peace sign theme but this year I will be taking on a new challenge. I can't wait to share! Great post Lady!
    The Schroeder Page

  4. Room 108 is PAWS-itivly Great! I taught a 2/3 last year and will be teaching a 3/4 next year! I think it will transition into an older grade easily!

  5. Bubble Bloom by thirty-one.

  6. My theme last year wAs Dr. Seuss, this year is " Finding Nemo"!!! I'm so exited!!!!