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How I Organize Back to School Forms

Hi everyone! It's Haley from My Silly Firsties. I can't believe we are already thinking and talking about Back to School forms! It feels like we were just gearing up for Summer! 

I know that so many of us make resolutions each school year, and for me, they almost always center around organization. I am just not organized, hahaha. It will never be my strength, BUT I have found some easy ways to manage paperwork at school. I have found that using binders and folders keeps me sane and makes organization way easier. 

During the first week of school, I think almost everyone sends home a Parent/Student Information Sheet. Our school collects this information, but it can be hard to access, and I like to have something tailor-made to my class. So, I usually send my own form home and HOPE they all come back, haha! I have a few tips on keeping these forms organized! :) 

First, it's super important that you find a form that is perfect for your class and will actually be USEFUL to you! You can find lots of editable forms on TPT and teacher blogs! I make sure to give parents the opportunity to write about their helps so much if I can understand how they view their child's strengths and weaknesses! 

I send home a double-sided page, but I actually think it's better to send 2 separate forms. I have found that parents don't always fill out the back, but they will almost always realize there are 2 sheets. 

Here's an example of the forms I send home each year. 

After I have collected the forms, I keep them in a safe place. In the past, I have hole-punched them and kept them in a binder, but I found these adorable folders at Target and thought they would be perfect for keeping forms in that I don't need to access everyday.

Since I don't like to pull these out everyday, I keep all the information for my whole class on a few little cheat sheets. Those would definitely go in my binder so they are always at my fingertips!

Here are examples of these forms! 

I also found this fabulous FREE form to send home by sweet Lisa

Thanks for stopping by! :) I'd love to hear how your organize your forms! 


  1. LOVE the student names! You must be a super lucky teacher to have those students in your class! Either that or it's just a total nightmare! ;)

  2. I loved everything about Olivia Benson's parent info. sheet! :)

  3. I always need organization ideas!! These are great! Thank you!