Primary Chalkboard: Back to School Tips and Ideas for New Teachers

Back to School Tips and Ideas for New Teachers

Hi there friends, it's Emma from Clever Classroom

Recently I asked my Facebook fans what tips they would give a new teacher to help them save some money and get organized for back to school (see post here). 

I wasn't surprised to read that so many of them knew of different ways to save and get organized. 

Here are ten tips for new teachers, well any teachers. 

Back to School Tips and Ideas for New Teachers

1. Be prepared to spend money. Most of our Facebook fans mentioned that they spend between $200-$1,000 per year. 

2.  Join Scholastic to get discounted books. Try their Teacher Express store by clicking the image below.

3.  Visit yard sales and second-hand stores to find discounted books and games. You can search Craig's List or your local paper for the ones in your area. 

4.  Visit discount stores like The Dollar Store or The Dollar Tree for storage containers, games, craft, stationery and even furniture.

Try Dollar tree's online store here.

Dollar Tree Online Tips for Teachers Starting the New Year

5.  Save your receipts for taxation purposes.  You might like to use the new app; Expensify to scan your receipts. Here's a link to their website.  Here's a link to their FREE app.

Expensify app for teachers

6.  Ask your school if they have a budget for teachers to purchase consumables and or resources for the classroom. 

7.  Find a veteran teacher that is willing to help you. You might be able to borrow items. 

8.  Decide on a theme or even a color theme and shop for those items. 

9. Look for sales online and in catalogs. 

10.  Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers, there are so many resources that are bundled to help you save

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