Primary Chalkboard: Meet the Chalkies: Anna and Jessica

Meet the Chalkies: Anna and Jessica

We are so excited you stopped by The Primary Chalkboard today! 

Greetings from 

You can just call us The Two Techy Teachers!  

We both have a L.O.V.E. of all things techy so we decided to add a little of our "techiness" to our introduction.  We hope you enjoy it!  Don't forget to check below for our fun little freebies that can be used to implement Daily 5!  We hope you enjoy them!!

And here it is....

Anna and Jessica!

(Just a little disclaimer...I know that I spelled "strength" incorrectly on the slide in the video :( I didn't have time to change it before it went live because I start school TOMORROW....Uggggh!) 

Click the iPod below to download 
Anna's Listen to Reading Mini-Book Journal!

Click the poster below
to download Jessica's Read to Self and 
Read to Someone anchor charts! 

When you have some time, check out our blogs!

Thanks again for stopping by The Primary Chalkboard and for getting to know us a little!


  1. Thank you for the Listening to Reading Journal freebie! That is adorable AND so useful!

  2. Girls, you are adorable and fabulous!!! Loved listening to you both! And...GREAT freebies! Soooo proud to be a fellow chalkie with you two!