Primary Chalkboard: An Even Flashier Sale! 50% off!

An Even Flashier Sale! 50% off!

We are celebrating right along with TpT and participating in the FLASH sale. But you know we are all overachievers here at the Primary Chalkboard!!!!  We are making 1 item in our store 50% off for Sunday only. Just Sunday! How is that for a flash?

So the 1 item has been reduced by 30% and then the sale takes another 28% off. That means at total of 50% (within a few pennies).  The units below are what you can gather up during this amazing sale!

Common Core Nouns Smart Art, Student Recording Sheets, and  

  Peace, Love, & First Grade

Just the {Basic} Facts from Leigh Langton over at The Applicious Teacher

Get your pumpkin math on!  Come visit Leslie at First Grade and Flip Flops! 

This fun SPIDERS packet includes writing, center activities, science, and math centers! The Spectacular Spiders is brought to you by Marie from The Hands-On Teacher In First

 photo Slide1_zpsbbb31022.png 
Check out my brand new Common Core Aligned Writing Unit and Craftivity on Pumpkins!

You can grab my You Better Splat That! Phonics Game! It's 244 pages of phonics game fun! Happy Shopping!

This is my BRAND NEW Differentiated Math Task pack for 2nd Grade. It includes differentiated math tasks for EVERY Common Core Standard! This temporary half-price offer is only $6!

My Christopher Columbus Flip-Flap Book is ALL you will need to get your little ones writing about Columbus!  Add your favorite read-aloud, make an anchor chart, and they will be BUSY WRITERS!

Common Core Crunch is normally $ includes no-prep printables for October that can be used for Word Work, Daily Warm Up/Morning Work, Writing & Homework! Click the pic to get to Crunch - October and I hope to see you over at Growing Firsties!!!

Kids love these interactive Short Vowel Flip Books.  They are super easy to put together, too!

Our ABC Letter Sound Dictionary is normally priced at $10 but you can get it for $5. We love this activity because once it's introduced, our kiddos can work independently. Yes-we said Independently!

Hope you love our FLASHier sales today!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Have fun shopping, Lorena!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Love the sale and the fabulous fall units! I have added a few of them to my cart:)

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Oh, and the link to Marie's Spectacular Spiders isn't working. Just thought you might want to know:)

    2. Thanks!!! I fixed the link for her! Should be good to go now!

  3. I very much appreciate that your "Flash" sale! I often miss those quick flash freebies posted on Facebok. And since I saw this on my way to church when I saw the post for this, I also figured I'd miss this one too. BUT NO!!! You've made it good all day long. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    1. Yaaayyyyyyyy!!!! Thanks so much for stopping! :) Happy shopping!

  4. Oops, saw several typos/awkward sentences that need some fixing after I clicked on "Publish." Guess I'm too excited about your deal to think straight! :)

  5. Mrs. Yazzle I get excited about sales too. I hope you have fun shopping after church!

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    1. Aww! :) That's awesome! :) Enjoy your units!!! ;)

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  8. so are these all the items that are 50% off? you each picked something or is there a different item that is 50% off and we have to look through the store? Im confused :)
    already added a bunch to my basket!

    1. These are all items that are 40% off...if you use the TPT discount it will make it 50%. :)

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