Primary Chalkboard: TpT Gift Card Giveaway

TpT Gift Card Giveaway

You know that we love you, right?

You know that we love TpT, right?

You know that we love to save money, right?

You know that we love to give stuff away, right?

Clear as day?


Have you heard about TpT's upcoming sitewide sale?

You know...the one where you can get up to 28% off?

(Do NOT forget to enter the promo code TPTXO!!)

Well, the Chalkies wanna help you save MORRRRRE money!

Here's the deal...


THREE winners! $35 each!!!!
Hurry, though...the 'copter closes soon!

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  1. This would be a fabulous and timely win - thank you so much for providing this opportunity!

  2. This is perfect timing!!! I am planning to do a chalkboard theme in my classroom next year. What a great way to begin buying and printing things out for next year. :)

  3. I LOVE the chalkboard so much, you guys rock!! Giveaways like this just make you even cooler! My daughter wants me to win she wants clip art and beach themed activities...i guess i have to cross my fingers my toes and twitch my magical nose :) Thank you!!

  4. I would love to share this Giveaway on Pinterest and Facebook ... but I have NO IDEA how to do so. Where does the URL come from? I don't have a Blog, so I can't do that one, but would love to do the other too if I knew how. :(

    1. Kim,

      For a FB shout out you can just put your FB page URL. For pinterest, once you have pinned the giveaway, click back on that pin and copy and paste the url from the top of the screen (search box) Thanks so much for participating in our giveaway.


  5. Thanks for having this give away! I love this blog!! :)

  6. I would love to win this give away! Thank you for hosting it!

  7. I would love to win this amazing giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to win. =)

  8. I am so excited that I won one! Thanks so much! Carol