Primary Chalkboard: No Need for Back to School Blues

No Need for Back to School Blues

Hi my friends ~ ~ it's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore.  It's the Saturday before most of us go back....ho -hum.  Being home was fun, productive, relaxing...fill in the blank!  But going back doesn't have to be such a CHORE!  I'm here to share some helpful tips to make the ease back into school after Winter Break a little painful!

DO: Be sure to spend some time the first day back allowing your students to share even if it's just 1 or 2 minutes in a class meeting.  I know, I know you are thinking I don't have the time...first off not everyone will want to share.  For instance it SNOWED here in So. Cal -- that NEVER happens so I'm guessing some of my students will want to talk about how they felt, what they did, etc.  I think it gains valuable time later when it's time to get to work.

DO:  Spend some time reviewing a few rules each day during the first week back.  My kids even in third grade love it when I act all silly sitting in the chair almost falling out ~  {don't rock in your chair rule }'s a good time to review these crucial procedures and classroom rules.

DO: Give lots of hugs and warm welcomes!!  They missed you and want your attention.

DO:   Get right back into routine as quickly as possible.  You spent weeks setting up your procedures and you don't want them to unravel because of 2 - 3 weeks off.

DO:  This just might be the most important one in my eyes:  WEAR a CUTE OUTFIT!!!!  LOL

DON'T: Stress ~ your students will be so happy to see you and that pile you left on your desk will still be there I'm pretty sure.

Welcome back my friends!  Tell us how your week goes by commenting below or visiting our facebook page: { click picture to visit our page }

Enjoy your first week back guys!



  1. I think it's wonderful that you let them share first thing. I do that with my third graders every morning. It lets them get off their minds what they need to, I learn a ton about them and their families, I get to show them I care about their outside lives too, and it also meets all the speaking and listening (to each other) standards, and it also gives me opportunities at times to lead into a grammar lesson. Win-win-win, as I see it! Great post!

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm so glad you stopped in to visit. I hope your week back is awesome! xoxo,Vicky and the Primary Chalkboard gang