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Behavior Management Idea

 Hi Friends Anna here from Simply Skilled in Second!  I wanted to share with you my classroom management procedures that I have set in place within my 2nd grade classroom.   A few years ago, I felt that my classroom management techniques were a bit antiquated and I wanted to spice things up a little bit within my classroom and I am 100% sure I figured it out!  
I don't know about you, but I love shopping around the dollar store and the $5 or Less stores around the neighboring I figured...If I enjoyed that so much maybe my students would to.

In came....

The DiGilio Dollar Store!

I purchased a small pocketchart and got right to work.  This is what my pocketchart looks like...

classroom management

I downloaded an image of a dollar bill and added my face to the center of it!  The kids think they are GOLD!  It is so funny!

classroom management
Each of the clear pockets has one of my student's name on it.  Every Monday, my students start their week with $3.00.  If they make good choices and work hard throughout the week, they will get their payday on Friday.  I also hand out DiGilio Dollars for doing something nice for a friend, when I hear a nice comment made to another child, and I pick Mystery Walkers in the hallway.  If my Mystery Walkers walk through the hallway nicely without talking, they also get a DiGilio Dollar!  About every 6 weeks, the DiGilio Dollar Store opens its doors!  My little kiddos get to go shopping in our store.  I have fun pencils, cool sharpeners and erasers, bookmarks, extra recess time, computer time, lunch with the teacher {that's me..this is probably the most popular choice}...well let me just show you....this is my DiGilio Dollar Store Choice Board.  I buy all of my fun little prizes at the Dollar Store ;)  My kiddos LOVE when my store is open for business!

classroom management

I started this behavior management plan a few years ago and I have seen a VAST improvement in the overall behavior in my classroom.  I love my new plan and I am sure you will too if you give it a try!



  1. Ok, I LOVE this idea for so many reasons. The money aspect and all the math you can tie in is amazing. It is has a real-world feel using money. I have used noodles and poker chips in the past, but I like this idea so much better. Even for those kids not quite ready for the true "money math" you could easily do some differentiation using different colored bills or a conversion chart.

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing!
    Christa Joy

  2. Awesome Anna - I love your cute face on the dollar bills. :o)


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