Primary Chalkboard: Hooray for the 100th Day!

Hooray for the 100th Day!

I'm so excited to be sharing some FUN, engaging 100th day ideas with you!  Can you believe it's close to the 100th day of school?!?  This year is flying by... it's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore and I hope I'm sharing some NEW ideas for you to try out.

Why not celebrate like ROYALTY this year?!?!  Here is a fun twist to the usual 100th day activities.  A few years ago I created a unit that revolved around the idea of celebrating this day like royalty!  Here are some things we did:

Now let  me tell you I'm definitely not afraid of BLING of any kind so I was all about this day!  The girls wore sashes and drew 100 tally marks on their sashes, the boys made shields and drew 100 tally marks on them.

I invited the girls to wear tiaras - a few brought some and I had crowns available for everyone else.

It's hard to celebrate without a snack so we made the number 100 very simply with pretzels and gummy lifesavers.

We also
* took 100 steps in our royal castle ( school ) to see where we ended up
* performed for the royal Queen ( me ) something we could do for 100  seconds
* wrote our 'royal signature' as many times as we could in 100 seconds

Of course the good old fashioned dress like you are 100 years old is an oldie but a goodie.  You can't go wrong with that one at all.
Here are some pics of that:

The kids get a kick out of the aging booth if you want to check out this app and take this photos.

 Celebrate the 101st day INSTEAD of the 100th day.  This was my awesome group of 2nd graders one year!  We had a ball: 
* we estimated how many Scooby Doo dog cookies were in a bucket
* drew 101 spots on our white t shirts with sharpie
* put 101 cheerios on a dog collar
* named ourselves a doggie name and put a dog license on our collar
* made the cute dog ears
*  Took a picture in front of a dog house
* rolled doggie dice to race to 101.

Here are a few ways you can decorate to get your students excited:

If you think you'd like to try a different type of 100th celebration you can find my packs below:

Enjoy xo, Vicky
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