Primary Chalkboard: Ideas to help your students get their classwork done!

Ideas to help your students get their classwork done!

The idea for the green pen comes from Amy Green.
  1. Teacher roams around with some green pens. 
  2. Completed work gets a green star. (In my class we do hearts.)
  3. Author of completed and accurate work can go on to other things of interest or take another green pen and go help/ look over the work of other friends in class!!!
  4. Kids become captivated by the idea of getting their hands on a greeen pen, so they start to work harder and faster. PLUS the kids work with more accuracy.  They know their FRIENDS are roaming the room, so they want to get their work done right.   ((((Teacher heaven- Am I right???? ))))
(((purchase a box of green pens from Office Max {here}))))

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  1. I like your thought process. Though, as a teacher myself, I didn’t realize I was hurting the struggling students. They were never “getting the green pens”. Not until I had a ptc with the student did I realize my mistake. It was really upsetting to him because he felt like I didn’t like him because he never got the pen. I started using a rotation with students who got the pen and the class became more engaged and trying their best.

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