Primary Chalkboard: Meet the Chalkies- Double L's- Leigh and Leslie!

Meet the Chalkies- Double L's- Leigh and Leslie!

What do you get when you have two L's, one school, and a whole lot of fabulous-ness??

 Leigh and Leslie! 

Hey guys! It's Leigh from The Applicious Teacher and Leslie from First Grade and Flip Flops and we're here to share a *few* things about ourselves.  

We hope you've enjoyed learning more about our fellow  Chalkies. There is so much talent packed into this little blog and I hope you take the time to read about each of our lovely contributors  (and grab a few freebies along the way! :))

Ok... So here's the low down on the Double L's...

Not only do we share an affinity for all things make up and fashion...


But also a love of the "Golden Girls"
Oh Blanche! <3!

But the best part of the double L's???

(S'cuz the end of day hair! Hair looses it's FAB as soon as you step outside here in FL!)
Yup... you heard right! This dynamic duo teaches at the same school! #dontbejelly

Now that you know a some fun facts about us... 

here are few more nitty-gritty details!  

Ok... thanks for staying with us! Now you a little bit more about us and what we are all about!

We of course want to share a few goodies with you as a thanks for stopping by...

First up, we have an *editable* conference request form

(click the picture to snag this AWESOME form!)

and this ADORABLE Autumn themed center

(Click picture to grab this fun center, too!)

Thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to head back here later this week to meet two more members of our amazing team and grab a few more freebies!



  1. What fun stuff! Thanks for sharing your time and talent, girls!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Thanks for introducing yourselves! I always like to read what inspire other teachers.


  3. Thanks for the great freebies! It was fun to *meet* you:-)

  4. Cute puzzles-- thank you! Just wanted to let you know there is an error on the pea pod. It says SAD.

  5. Hey girls! I love that you joined up! 2 incredible teachers with incredible talent! So proud to have had the opportunity to work with you both!

  6. I checked on the Fall Syllable Activity and it said that it was in the owners trash? I assume it's no longer available?