Primary Chalkboard: Meet the Chalkies: Lisa and Faith

Meet the Chalkies: Lisa and Faith

In marriage, they say opposites attract.  Well, apparently that's also the case with blogging friends.  We are opposites in so many ways from Lisa loving cheese curds to Faith loving boiled peanuts.  Lisa is a northerner and Faith is a a southerner.    However, we are also the same in so many ways.  We are both first grade teachers, lefties, and have birthdays in March.  We also adore each others accents, personalities, and LOVE football, although one of us is a Wisconsin Badger and the other one yells, "Go Dawgs!"

So, when the opportunity came to pair up we jumped at the chance because we are blogging buddies, but we are also real-life friends and who wouldn't want to write a blog or create a freebie with a friend?

Oh, and yes, we realize we already told you a few fun facts about us, but we figured that since this is a blog mostly about teaching, we should probably give you a few other fun facts about us.

Question 1: 
When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?

Faith: I knew when I was in second grade.  I had an incredible teacher and remember thinking I wanted to grow up to be like my Mrs. Lash.  I liked her so much I didn't tell my parents that I had little spots popping up on me.  I ended up giving Chicken Pox to my entire class.

Lisa: Well…I started college with a plan to become an actuary. Three semesters of Calculus and Computer Science later…I knew it was NOT what I wanted to do. AT ALL! So…for a month or so, I had NO idea what I wanted to do. But I was dating my then boyfriend (who is now my husband) and having all kinds of fun. One morning I woke up and I just KNEW that’s what I wanted to do. Just in time, too…as the applications were due within a week! So, I applied nervously…it was hard to get in to the Elementary Ed program. My PPST score for math put me in automatically, though! Yay for math! I still love math but I certainly don’t use my calc background to teach firsties, hehehehe!

Question 2:
What is your academic teaching strength?

Faith: I love to teach writing!  My middle school English teacher taught me to love writing, so I try to pass that to my students.  I try to come up with as many creative ways as possible to make writing fun.  Just today, we were late to lunch because I lost track of time while we were writing our stories.

Lisa: I suppose my academic teaching strength could be math (see my #1 above...), but I am super duper passionate about growing readers and writers.

Question 3:
What is a bit of advice you wish someone had told YOU your first year of teaching?

Faith:  I'm not sure.  I know it sounds funny, but I had a wonderful first year.  Knowing my personality, I think I was told everything you should be told, but I have a tendency of testing things out and trying something even if I was warned.  I think the biggest thing that I've learned is sometimes it is best to do and not ask.  Unless it is something huge, you can typically ask forgiveness later.  Also, follow the chain of command.  Nothing makes people angry faster than jumping over their heads to someone over them.

Lisa: You will never ever never ever never ever be done! Never ever ever. So…do your best to complete a few things each day and then GO HOME and take care of yourself and your family!!!

Question 4:
What is your favorite freebie from your store?

Faith: I think my favorite freebie is my Math Robots Addition freebie.  I picked it because it doesn't have to fit a specific time of year.  It can be used anytime.

Lisa: Favorite freebie of mine??? I can’t decide between my Indoor Recess Activity Bag parent letter and my StudentSelf-Evaluation Form…the Indoor Recess Bags are lifesavers! And the self-evaluation form is so revealing!

Question 5:
What is your favorite freebie from another seller?

Faith:  Well, obviously I'm picking something from Lisa because friends, she is incredible and you don't want to miss out on her store.  She has a ton of freebies, but my favorite is her Wintry Fun Syllable Sort.  I know, I know.  We have awhile before we see snow, but this packet has sentimental value to me.  This packet is how Lisa and I became friends.

Lisa: are a sweetheart! My favorite freebie from my pal Fabulous Faith! Gotta say my current favorite is her Popcorn Math (graphing)…Popcorn is my favorite snack and her freebie is just too fun!!!

Now that you have read all about us, we joined forces to create a little freebie.  Since football season is right around the corner and we know it is on the mind of every little boy in America, we thought we'd gear this packet towards our boys.  We did throw in a few cheerleaders so the girls don't feel left out.  We included a noun, verb, and adjective sort plus two cut and paste printables.  If you like it, click on any of the pictures and it will take you to our freebie.

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Hope you enjoy!
Faith & Lisa


  1. How fun was that post? Loved your freebie ladies! :) I'm a huge football it was totally up my alley! :) I loved reading about how good you are at math, Lisa! :) Teaching is better for you having come into the profession! ;) I loved your tip about going home because it won't always be done...I actually got home about an hour ago, and it feels so good to be home relaxing!! :) Faith...I can't believe you gave everyone chicken pox!! LOL! :) I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you both through this collab blog! ;) Ya'll are amazing! :)

    1. Love you, Miss Tamara! You are one aMAYzing lady and I am/We are so proud to know and collaborate with you!!!
      Lisa & Faith

    2. You girls make me smile :) Definitely having a blast!

  2. Replies
    1. Shuna, when I was working on the cover, I thought of you :) Glad you like it :)

  3. This is seriously my NEW favorite blog! And the fact that so many amazing teachers that I call my bloggy friends are the collaborators makes it that much better! :)

    Flying High in First Grade

    1. Aw! Thanks Ashley :) I think we can all agree that we love your blog, too :)

  4. Touchdown! (For making something the boys will love!)

    1. Suzy, I always love your feedback :) Hope your boys enjoy it!

  5. Love this!!! As a GA native, I'm partial to the Bulldogs myself :)

    1. Go Dawgs!!!! Glad to have someone on my team :)

  6. You two are fabulous! Love this freebie, it is wonderful :)


  7. You ladies totally rocked this post!!! Love!!! And YAY FOOTBALL!!!! Greatness!!

    1. Awwww - thanks, Daina!!!! You are such a sweetheart!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog! Can't wait to meet all of the Chalkies!

  9. Oh you girls are just the best! I am ready to rumble with this freebie! Thank you!

  10. Should the half page sheets say person, place, and thing instead of noun, verb, adjectives since this is a noun sort? Otherwise it is an excellent freebie!

  11. Thanks for sharing this great freebie and all about yourselves:-)