Primary Chalkboard: The Primary Chalkboard Advent Calendar Kickoff!

The Primary Chalkboard Advent Calendar Kickoff!

Howdy ya'll!  It's Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  I am super excited to get to kick our The Primary Chalkboard's Advent calendar!

We are celebrating with a treat every day!  Each day one of our authors/bloggers will offer a special treat JUST FOR THAT DAY!   Make sure you visit daily to get your treat!

My surprise is a fun letter recognition freebie!

My freebie was inspired by these cute bags from Target!  

These bags are also my fresh idea for ya!  Each holiday/season, I scour Target, The Dollar Tree and Dollar General for fun buckets or bags.  I use these bags and buckets to store our center activities.  These are not only cute and fun, but my students love the bags and they make centers just that much more attractive and engaging.

Engaged=less behavior challenges!!

Don't forget to stop by each day for your Advent surprise!


  1. Such a cute freebie!! Thank you :)

  2. Cute stuff like the Rockin Reindeer makes me wish I taught the really little learners! Adorable!