Primary Chalkboard: Is Your Library A.R. Ready for Read Across America Day?

Is Your Library A.R. Ready for Read Across America Day?

Reorganizing my library at the beginning of the year was one of the best choices I made. At my old school, when I taught second grade, A.R. was offered, but wasn't a big push at my school. My new school has a big push for getting A.R. goals! Since I wasn't used to A.R., my classroom library was organized by Genre. This year, I reorganized it by AR reading level and it is making things work much smoother during my Readers Workshop and it is making my kiddos much more aware of their Good Fit books!
If your school doesn't do AR, this post will still benefit you!

Read Across America Day is a day to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and childrens' amazing successes in reading. 'Accelerated Reading' is a program that is part of Renaissance Learning.
AR is throwing a little reading party called Read the Most From Coast to Coast!
We are going to read lots of AR books and take lots of AR quizzes in our pajamas on Friday!
Start with AR levels.
I used my own color coding system because I like things in ROY G. BIV order. :-)
Circle stickers will be your best friend!
0.5-1.0 Red
1.1-1.5 Orange
1.6-2.0 Yellow
2.1-2.5 Green
2.6-3.0 Blue
3.1-3.5 Pink
Anything past this, I double sticker and let my first graders know they are going to be very advance. If you are an intermediate teacher, you would maybe resort your levels!

Use It is a one stop shop for book information.
Enter the title or the ISBN number. You will get the reading lexile level, the AR book number, and how many AR points each book is worth.


Then sort them into their baskets!

And, as always, to keep them on track for comprehension, grab this freebie!

Thanks guys! 
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