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Place Value Fun!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's Latoya from Flying into First Grade!!!
So this week we were studying tens and ones in math.  It was so much fun.   This is what we did today.
We love using technology so we played some interactive games whole group and during small group time.  They loved it!!!  The links are below.
Some Interactive Resources to Use
(Click the Pictures to Go to the Game)
1.  Tens and Ones Online Game- We played whole group and they got to play on the computers.
2.  Making Numbers using Tens and Ones - We played this whole group.  I love that when you build the numbers it keeps up with the value you have done so far.
3. Tens and Ones Equations - I love that this game gives you an explanation if you get a problem wrong.
4. Roasting Marshmallows Tens and Ones - This one is hilarious but very good.  The students loved it.  The bear on this game makes learning tens and ones fun.
5. Working on the tens Place - This game helps students identify how many tens are in a 2 digit number.
For individual work, the students took numbers and identified the tens and the ones.  Then they drew models to illustrate.  They used base ten blocks to build the numbers.
I brought my math groups over to work with me in small groups.  Each group got a basket of cubes.   They made tens and had ones leftover.  Everyone had to give their mystery number.

Next, we looked at models on our paper and  counted the tens and ones to make a 2 digit number.

Earlier in the week we started with just counting tens.  I made a paper for them to do as an assessment.  It is a FREEBIE for you!!!  Enjoy!!!  Click on the Picture!!!!
Next week we will be learning all about expanded form with place value.  Let us know some of your ideas for teaching place value!!!


  1. What fun things to do with place value, Latoya. I have to admit that place value is one of my least favorite things to teach in math. I think these activities and websites could make it so fun. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Anytime!!! I understand how you feel. We will move on to ten more and ten less next. It is such a hard skill for my students. Teaching it is hard.

  2. O...M...G... This post is FABULOUS!! We are going to be trying out ALL of these awesome resources! I don't often have time to sit down and find all this great stuff so I am so very, very thankful for you putting it all in one place for me! Bookmarking this page for SURE!!! Thanks again!
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  3. You know sometimes I just forget that there are great websites out their to help us out. Thank you so much for all these great resources!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  4. What a HUGE amount of wonderful resources and I can't wait to try each one of them with my class. Thank you for posting these!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  5. Wow, this is so great! Thank you for sharing these place value finds. My firsties will love using these on the SMARTboard! :D

    Forever First Grade

  6. Wow! Perfect timing. We just started place value this week. Many thanks for sharing.