Primary Chalkboard: President's Day FUN, FREEBIE, & a Giveaway!

President's Day FUN, FREEBIE, & a Giveaway!

Hi Friends....  Anna here from Simply Skilled in Second.  I hope this post finds you all well...and WARM.  I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it is COLD and SNOWY in New York this past week!  I had two snow days this week alone!  I am going to be going to school until July if this keeps up!

Anywhooo....I thought I would share some of the things that I do to celebrate President's Day with my kiddos.  I love President's Day and teaching about Lincoln and Washington.  Leading up to President's Day, I always take about fifteen minutes at the end of two days and read these books to my kiddos.  If you haven't seen these books by National Geographic Kids you are missing out!  They are incredible books that are easy to read but have a wealth of information that is easy for children to understand.  I actually purchased six copies of each book and I have my students use them for their research.  Half the class researches Lincoln and half the class researches Washington and then we switch off.

I also show a few videos on my Smartboard about the presidents to my little ones as well.  Click the pictures to see the video links.

After we read our mentor-texts and watch our videos, I always make an Anchor Chart about each president where we add important information and facts about each of their lives.

I love creating projects with my class and they love it too.  I also think the parents appreciate seeing longer more detailed projects relating to a topic as well.  Here are a few pictures of my little ones working on their President's Day Lapbook.

Here is an image of my bulletin board display!   I titled it
"We are FLIPPING" over President's Day."
Every day I would see different children stop at my bulletin board and start reading the different flip flap books in the lapbook.  You can't help but stop and touch it when I looks so interesting :)

And if you are interested in doing the whole lapbook with your students, click the image below... are a few little freebies for you...

This one is from me :)

Feel like trying to win some AMAZING President's Day Resources???  Complete the Rafflecopter Below for your chance to WIN!!!!!!

Here are the prizes you can win....

This is from Anna - Simply Skilled in Second
This is from Faith - First Grade Fantabulous
This is from Jessica - First Grade Nest

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  1. I love all of these resources Anna! I am so sad that I have no working technology in my classroom right now to watch video :( Maybe we will watch on the iPads :)


  2. Thanks for the freebies! I love all of these resources!

  3. Thank You! Freebies are my best friend : ).