Primary Chalkboard: National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

Aloha friends! It's Corinna from Surfin' Through Second.  Did you know April is National Poetry Month?  This is a great time to pull out your favorite poems and get your students reading and writing poetry.

In my class I have a few book boxes full of poetry and of course lots of shelf space for our favorite authors.
It's wonderful to smother your class in poetry and colorful words.  Once they have heard and read a variety of poems it's time to start writing their own.

I usually start with simple shape poems.  You can brainstorm ideas and write a class shape poem and then let them write their own.
Name poems are fun and kids love writing about themselves.

Click {HERE} for this acrostic name post and freebie.

This is a fun bulletin board idea using cinquains about weather.

Click {HERE} for this post on writing Cinquains 

Spring is the perfect theme for poetry.  Flowers, rainbows, animals and weather are all great topics to get your kids writing.

Here is a great idea from Mrs. Jone's Kindergarten for younger students incorporating poetry and literacy.

Another great pack from Vicky Moore to get your students loving poetry.

Finally a few freebies for you. This one is from Mrs. Rios Teaches.  Click on the picture to grab this in Google Docs.

I have a bit of an obsession with rainbows.  I see them almost everyday and I still love them!

Click {HERE} to scoop up this freebie.

Hopefully this post has given you some great ideas to get you ready for a fun month!!  I am looking forward it.



  1. The first double rainbow I saw was in Waikiki...and we were gushing to a local and he said he's seen a triple! Still didn't diminish our excitement!

    Thanks for the rainbow poetry frames!

  2. Great post! We just finished a poetry unit before Spring Break, and I wished I would have seen these ideas before. Filing away for next year. Thanks, Corinna


  3. We do a poem a month with an art activity to go with it. I've always waited until the end of the year and made each kid's collection into a book to take home. I'm thinking this year I might have the compile their books for the poetry month and take them home early. Maybe reading their poetry book to a adult for homework? Still tossing it around in my head.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas! Love the rainbow poetry take it!

  4. Great post! Kids really enjoy poetry. I love the idea of a poetry notebook!