Primary Chalkboard: Thursday- Dress Like a Book Character

Thursday- Dress Like a Book Character

Hi Everyone its Latoya from Flying into First Grade.
We are on Day 4 of the linky. 
Today is all about looking like your favorite book character.  My school will be having book character day on Friday.
I have decided to go as Chester the raccoon from The Kissing Hand book.  I chose this character because I read The Kissing Hand every year with my students.
I am making felt ears that I will attach to a headband.  I am going to make a felt black eye mask to wear.  I am wearing a black and great shirt.  I will wear a red heart on my shirt and in my hand.  I will also carry the book with me.
Last year my entire whole team went as Pete the Cat.
The year before that we were the grouchy ladybug.  This costume was really easy to do.  We made ladybug shells from red and black butcher paper.  We made pipe cleaner antenna as well.  Here is a picture below.

Lastly, I want to leave you with some other good ideas I saw while I scanned Pinterest for different looks.
Amelia Bedelia


Rainbow Fish
Chicka Tree
Fly Guy

Now its your turn!!! Link up your Book Character costumes below!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! I am sharing this post with our librarian for next year. We're dressing up like our favorite Seuss character on Monday.

  2. Latoya, this post was so cute. I wish my school had "dress up like a character day" I might just have to start it. Those Fly Guy glasses were too funny. Thanks for the great post.


  3. I love Amelia Bedelia! You're going to post a pic of yourself as Chester, right?

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