Primary Chalkboard: Tuesday- Everything Dr. Seuss

Tuesday- Everything Dr. Seuss

Welcome to our second day of our Read Across America Week Linky!

Is your class prepared and ready to celebrate an amazing and fun author!?  Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

We have our reading buckets ready and labeled.  These buckets are usually jam packed full of Dr. Seuss books, but my class has already grabbed their favorites!!

Red and white construction paper is all you need. One piece of 12x18 red paper and 2 strips of 18 x 3 white paper.  Attach with a small 2x4 red strip in the back.

Learn more about Dr. Seuss in this months issue of Scholastic News.

Play Games!

Take fun pictures using the Cat Cam App!!

Grab some accessories....

and of course....

What Seussy things will you be doing in your classroom?

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  1. Love the post, Corinna. Thanks so much for the adorable bookmarks, too. Off to the printer!